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  • VIBE Audio VW T5

    VIBE Audio VW T5

    Glenn Rowswell on 9th December 2016

    We check out VIBE Audio's VW T5 - an audio packed van that's officially the loudest vehicle in Europe!

  • JVC KW-AV61BTE Review

    JVC KW-AV61BTE Review

    Glenn Rowswell on 7th April 2014

    With this new KW-AV61BTE release from JVC, it’s easier to tell you about the things this item CAN’T do, than what it can...

  • Kenwood KDC-BT73DAB

    Kenwood KDC-BT73DAB

    Glenn Rowswell on 20th January 2014

    If you’re looking for the complete package from a single-DIN unit, where do you go? Well, Kenwood’s new KDC-BT73DAB is the perfect solution, proving that bigger isn’t always better!

  • Digital Radio

    Digital Radio

    Glenn Rowswell on 11th October 2012

    There’s no denying it, digital radio is on the rise. Half of us now listen to DAB in the week, and most car companies are chucking in the stuff as standard on their motors from next year.

  • AutoDAB


    Glenn Rowswell on 26th June 2012

    DAB on the go: are you ready? If you’re not, well, pretty soon it’s just gonna be hospital radio coming out your car speakers.

  • In Phase IPS 100SSD

    In Phase IPS 100SSD

    Glenn Rowswell on 20th March 2012

    Bargains don’t come more bargain-shaped than this here IPS 100SSD single-DIN headunit from In Phase.

  • Kenwood KFC-W3013 Sub

    Kenwood KFC-W3013 Sub

    Glenn Rowswell on 31st January 2012

    Everyone loves quality at a super price and thankfully Kenwood do too!