Air Lift Performance

  • Inside Air Lift Performance

    Glenn Rowswell at 8:48 am, 15th December 2017

    Inside Air Lift Performance

    Think you know Air Lift Performance? Think again and check out this awesome mini-feature taking a look at Air Lift Performance and their amazing purpose built facility in Michigan, USA!

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    Glenn Rowswell at 9:27 am, 8th December 2017


    Check out this great video by Air Lift of Nathan White's stunning modified VW Jetta. Wow!

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  • Audi R8 on Air Suspension

    Glenn Rowswell at 7:03 am, 9th August 2017

    Audi R8 on Air Suspension

    The Audi R8 is an auto masterpiece, a true daily-driving supercar. From the polished, sleek exterior with arched body lines, to the powerful mid-engine, all the way to the highly-superior all-wheel drive. Well, it just got even better, thanks to Air Lift Performance. Check it out!

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  • Fast Car Air Ride Suspension Guide

    Glenn Rowswell at 10:05 am, 10th April 2017

    Fast Car Air Ride Suspension Guide

    Want know more about air ride suspension, how easy is it to fit and the pros and cons to driving on air? This Fast Car air ride guide full of tips and hints is for you then...

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  • Stanced Audi A3

    Glenn Rowswell at 1:16 pm, 2nd August 2016

    Stanced Audi A3

    Immaculate body work, air-ride, 19-inch Rotiform 3 piece wheels and an interior to die for. Warick French's modified Audi A3 has the lot...

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  • Porsche 911 (964) Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kit

    Glenn Rowswell at 8:52 am, 22nd July 2016

    Porsche 911 (964) Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kit

    The Porsche 911 underwent a major evolution with the reveal of the 964 series – a new, air-cooled, rear engine, a completely new suspension system, and a sleek, aerodynamic exterior, all standard. But who wants to drive anything standard?!

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