After market alloy wheels

  • Rota RM200 White

    Rota RM200 White

    Glenn Rowswell on 16th January 2014

    This new Euro rim from Rota is a more than ‘all white’ – it’s bonkers!

  • 5 Best Wheel Cleaners

    5 Best Wheel Cleaners

    Glenn Rowswell on 15th January 2014

    Keep your wheels gleaming with our 5 best wheel cleaners...

  • Calibre Potentia

    Calibre Potentia

    Glenn Rowswell on 4th October 2013

    If you happen to be rolling in an enormous luxury saloon, Chelsea tractor or possibly even a slice of old skool yank muscle, these could be right up your street.

  • Autec Wizzard

    Autec Wizzard

    Glenn Rowswell on 22nd August 2013

    Famed for their lightweight race hoops, they’ve put this one together with only the finest TUV-approved track antics in mind...

  • 1.VT Wheels

    1.VT Wheels

    Glenn Rowswell on 15th August 2013

    Fresh from 1.VT Wheels it's the 0.2 and 0.3 wheel

  • Rota RKR

    Rota RKR

    Glenn Rowswell on 14th August 2013

    Retro cool with a serious offset! The all-new 17in Rota RKR is the perfect wheel for those who want to seriously upgrade their car’s stance without breaking the bank...

  • Wolf Design Renaissance

    Wolf Design Renaissance

    Glenn Rowswell on 12th August 2013

    Big is most certainly back this season and, we have to say, this new Renaissance from Wolf Design pushes all of our magic buttons at once.

  • Junk Rejekt

    Junk Rejekt

    Glenn Rowswell on 3rd January 2013

    Nothing makes our pants fizz quite as much as the arrival of a new UK wheel brand...