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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 4th December 2018

You’ve just gotta love our power mad Aussie cousins. They don’t seem to do anything by halves, or give a shit about the more mundane things in life. Things like the laws of science.

Take this new electronic boost controller from the head cases over at Turbosmart. This self-contained billet box of tricks can handle up to 120psi of pressure – that’s over 11 bar!

Quite obviously, that officially makes it the daddy of all controllers, ever. It also makes the e-BoostHP ideal for mega-high boost diesel applications, as well as petrol motors with turbos the size of your head.

This one’s much more than a normal controller though. It can manage up to six different boost groups that can be corrugated to RPM, gears or elapsed time.

It can also run pressure or RPM shift/warning lights and there’s a special auxiliary output that can be used to control methanol or nitrous.

Nothing like a spot of overkill, eh? Some proper thunder from Down Under.


For more info see Turbo Smart