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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 18th October 2017

What could be better in a Japanese special than some detailing technology from the land of the rising sun? Kiwami not only has the coolest name of any wax ever (chiefly because it sounds like something a ninja would shout as he pulls your heart out of your chest).

But it’s also a high-tech hybrid formula that combines a high-gloss polymer, with more traditional carnauba wax for the ultimate balance in gloss and durability.

There’s two types available: ‘Dark’ for a deep dark shiny finish and ‘Light’ for a transparent high gloss. Both are absolutely massive in Japan and two of the flagship products from their enormous car-care conglomerate, the Soft99 corporation.

If that hasn’t got you sold already, how about the fact that it’s got a special sponge applicator right there in the tin, too? They think of everything those Japanese fellas!

Price £20

For more info see Nippon Shine

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