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Sealey CX101D Service Trolley

Sealey CX101D Service Trolley

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 19th February 2014

Sealey CX101D Service Trolley
Being men, we’ll find any excuse for fiddling with our tools so this new heavy-duty service trolley from international hardware maestros, Sealey, is definitely enough to give us that warm fuzzy feeling inside. 

Top-quality construction, an 80kg per-shelf load rating, and nice chunky casters mean this beauty can take almost any daily pasting, and will prove indispensable in any home garage, pit lane or pro workshop.

It even comes with a lockable draw to keep any passing light-fingered buggers away from your more precious metal implements, parts and Gingsters pasties.

The interesting thing is Sealey are always running special promotions and we’ve spotted many of their dealers stocking these between 90 and 100-nicker a pop.

That’s a bargain for such a professional bit of kit so make sure you shop around!

Price £177

For more info see Sealey