Most VAG fans, especially ones rocking cars with the 1.8 or 2.0 TSI lumps, should be on their knees right about now because these puppies have to be the most seductive intakes we’ve ever clapped eyes on.

Of course, what’s even more important than that, is the fact that they’ve been developed to work impeccably too. By employing a load of neat tricks, including a large diameter, ‘constant taper’ intake pipe (with turbo-matched inlets) and  a carbon lid designed to increase air box volume.

And that’s without mentioning the carbon air scoop that replaces the whole front panel to act as a second feed, these will net you bags more power and kudos points aplenty.

They’re also available in gloss or dry carbon, which is nice. Google ‘the world’s sexiest sucker’ to find yours now… er, actually, don’t do that…

Price £779

For more info see Only Revo