Always the way, eh? You wait ages for one awesome Ford product and then two of the buggers come along at once! This time around though it’s all about getting your Mk3 Focus RS breathing properly because, obviously, the latest 345bhp, Blue Oval-badged bruiser isn’t quite rapid enough!

That said, this Jetstream item from induction daddies RamAir, is not only supremely well-priced (note the lack of the usual RS Tax), but it’s easily the best quality kit we’ve seen to date.

We love the fact it looks so damn OEM, you can even refit the original engine cover without having to cut it up, all the while bagging yourself a few more horsepowers and the sort of noise a pissed-off lion makes when you put his plums in a vice.

Designed to use all the factory mounting points, the aluminium intake pipe maintains a 76mm diameter all the way through for maximum airflow and the laser-cut heatshield does a top job of keeping those temperatures down.

For the money, it’d just be silly not to. So, the question is, what are you waiting for eh?

Price £295

For more info see RamAir Filters