Got the sort-of-sized wallet that takes a crane and a team of civil engineers to heave out of your pocket? Well, you might be able to afford one of these F1-inspired kitchens then… maybe.

Yes, we’re not sure on the price, because ‘if you need to ask’ and all that, but we do know that only ten will be made and each one takes 4-6 months to be completed.

There’s no doubt that, although this is a fully-functioning place to cook your egg and chips, what we’re really looking at here is actually a bespoke work of art.

It features plenty of seriously trick touches like handles crafted from racecar components, F1-adorned appliances (from high-end manufacturer Gaggenau & Dornbracht, no less) and even a wind tunnel-inspired extractor hood.

All the materials are a little on the exotic side too; they only use stuff like ‘autogenous nanotech’ surfaces (you what?) and carbon fibre throughout.

Most of all though, we’re convinced that these are right up our street. It’s always nice to have something pretty to marvel at while you order your takeaway, right?

Price £POA

For more info see Racing Gold