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Mishimoto Thermostatic Sandwich Plate

Mishimoto Thermostatic Sandwich Plate

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 23rd January 2013

mishimoto sandwich plate

The bods at Mishimoto in the US are certainly producing some sweet kit lately. Just check out this cool looking oil filter sandwich plate – it’s thermostatic for a start, and the fact we have no idea what that means makes it even more impressive.

What we do know though is that this clever item is built from 6061 aluminium (or ‘aluminum’ as they say) and is designed not to let oil flow into your external cooler until it’s reached activating temperature.

Ideal for faster cold start warm ups and added protection in the cold British winter or, come to think of it, summer. Handy!

Priced from £100

For more info see Mishi Moto