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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 1st October 2018

The bods at Kicker have always been known for their kick ass, high-output speakers and subs, but these QS jobs are something that’s just a tad more special.

They’ll still kick your teeth in quicker than a pissed off racehorse, of course (just like all Kickers should), but here we’re talking about combining the signature Kicker grunt with speakers developed for out-and-out reference-grade sound quality.

Suffice to say, they’re pretty damn pleased with themselves and reckon these are the best sounding drivers they’ve ever made. In fact, these are designed to be so high-end, that all their UK retailers have to pass an in-depth factory training course before they’ll even let them sell ‘em!

Of course, they’re not what you’d call wallet friendly on the face of it. But when you look at the sort of epic SQ performance you’re getting for the money, they start looking like something of a bargain.

No surprises that the specs are about as top-notch as you can get; they have to be to deliver hyper-accurate midrange. These include all sorts of complicated stuff like Tri-Tech cones, Tetoron dome tweeters and metallised poloypropylene capacitors. In short, these are a labour of love built for one reason – just because they can!