Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 29th June 2018

When they say smart, it looks the bods at Kicker mean it, this little bugger is so clever it’d even put up a good fight with that fat bloke off of The Chase.

Basically, this super-compact little unit offers all the advantages of a 4x45Watt amplifier but with an advanced SQ processor built-in. The general idea is that using one of these will not only make your system louder – but it’ll make it clearer too.

Best of all, what you can do in seconds with one of these, all at the touch of a button, would take a professional sound engineer hours of tweaking to achieve. Simply connect the microphone, press the selector and the powerful on-board computer goes to work on the settings, automatically producing the best, concert-quality sound and simply ridiculous realism.

There’s also a 40-band EQ for improved tonality, a 24DdB crossover that will redefine the capabilities of any speaker it’s connected to, and some pretty damn special time alignment thrown in for good measure. That’s what’s technically known as a ‘shit load’ for your cash!

Price £230

For more info see Kicker