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iOBD2 Diagnostic Reader

iOBD2 Diagnostic Reader

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 9th January 2013

IOBD2 Diagnostic Reader

Now and again products come along that make me just want call my old man and thank him for knocking up my Mum when he did. After all if it wasn’t for him, his love truncheon and half a bottle of Lambrini I wouldn’t be here today to witness 21st century technological marvels like this one – the iOBD2 Diagnostic Tool.

Still, quantum physics and bodily fluids aside, what it does is plug into your car’s diagnostic port so you can read and erase manufacture fault codes, just like a proper main-dealer, all via the medium of your smart phone.

iOBD2 Diagnostic Reader

Transmitting live data through Bluetooth or WiFi it even doubles up as a performance monitor displaying options like RPM, speed, load, MPG and acceleration through its cool ‘My Dashboard’ menu.

How’s that for a superb piece of automotive gadgetry? Every phone should have one!

Price £120

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