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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 6th February 2018

The guys at HeatShield Products in the US of A have been making heat management gear for everyone from world-class tuners to the Ministry of Defence since the late 1980s.

In other words, they really know their stuff and, now the bods at Old Hall Performance are bringing their products to the UK, we can all benefit from their expertise.

These custom-fit heat shields for T2, T3, T4 and T6 turbos (with more fitments currently under development) are proven to reduce under-bonnet temperatures by up to 40 percent.

And that can mean only one thing – cooler intake temps for more power! Designed to keep the heat in the hot side of the turbo where it belongs, one of these can also reduce lag, chatter and (in some applications) even increase boost.

Put simply – if you actually have a turbo, it’s a no brainer.

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