What’s this? Another Focus ST hose kit? Yes it is. But carry on reading, because this one is for those new-fangled Mk3 TDCi versions.

You see, what with the big, bad (Er, you mean good – Midge) diesel Ford and the likes of the BMW 123D and Golf GTD, it’s pretty clear proper hot hatches don’t have to run on super unleaded anymore. Come to think of it, we’ve been saying that since the first-generation Fabia VRS hit the streets way back in 1999!

Still, diesel tuning is even bigger business nowadays and that’s why these hardcore silicone items will become a bonafide modifying essential just as soon as you even think about remapping yours.

And, let’s face it, you WILL be getting it mapped. If there’s one thing about diesel motors it’s that they’re irresistibly simple to tune.

So, keep everything safe with a set of these trick buggers first. Simple.

Price £252

For more info see Forge Motorsport