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Competition Clutch Subaru Impreza Kit

Competition Clutch Subaru Impreza Kit

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 10th June 2013

Competition Clutch Subaru Impreza KitYou can’t own a Scooby without a spot of tuning, it’s against God, against nature and, more importantly, against the law… probably.

Anyway, yanking up the boost on your turbo’d terror can come with its pitfalls though, and making 100-percent sure your clutch is up to the job can be a little on the arse-clenchingly expensive side.

Luckily that’s where the masters of engineering at Competition Clutch come in with a new kit you won’t have to flog your Granddad’s wooden leg for.

This beauty is not only significantly cheaper than just about everything else on the market but the exclusive, heavy duty cover provides monumental clamping force and can withstand a powerhike of up to 80-percent!

Increased reliability at a price that saves you plenty of cash for exhausts, remaps and super unleaded? This one really is a no-brainer!

Price £342

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