The guys at CarbonSpeed manufacture some of the most desirable, not to mention most effective, intakes ever seen in the VAG community.

So there’s no surprise that their Carbonspeed VAG 2.0 TSI carbon fibre intake here is easily one of our favourite mods of the moment.

In fact, if you haven’t actually got a 2.0 TSI Mk6 Golf GTI, Scirocco TSI, Passat (3C) or even a Tiguan 2.0 may we suggest you buy one right now, just
so you have somewhere to bolt on this immaculately engineered beauty.

Constructed from genuine carbon (not skinned fibreglass like so many out there) and featuring a super-high quality Pipercross foam filter to slip over the bit that sucks, the result is more power, a sweet induction roar and extreme jealousy from everyone else when you open the bonnet.

Even more important than that though, you’re actually getting two of the best names in the business working together towards absolute breathing perfection, just for you and your beloved 2-litre lump. That’s so heart-warming it brings a tear to our eye.

For more info see CarbonSpeed

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