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5 Best Wheel Cleaners

5 Best Wheel Cleaners

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 15th January 2014

best wheel cleaning productsCLB Citrus Passion

This new industrial-strength cleaner is awesome for removing brake dust and other contaminates but, is surprisingly gentle on your hard-earned rims. Totally acid free, it’s actually made from orange extract, much like Jaffa Cakes… and we frickin’ love Jaffa Cakes!

Price £7

For more info see CLB Car Care

best wheel cleaning productsMeguiar’s Brake Dust Barrier

Anything that makes rim cleaning easier is alright by us and this innovative new Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier from Meguiar’s does exactly what it says on the tin. Clean your wheels, spray this on and it should stop brake dust getting ground in. It will last through multiple washes too.

Price £11

For more info see Meguiars

best wheel cleaning productsAuto Finesse Mint Rims

It’s tempting to sample the minty flavour but don’t dip your finger in and taste it! Still, this wheel wax and sealant works exceptionally well on wheels, offering enhanced protection in the form of an easy-to-apply, fast-curing paste. Looking reem, smelling reem and all that!

Price £20

For more info see Auto Finesse

best wheel cleaning products

Dodo Juice Ferrous Dueller

If caked-on brake dust is a problem, then this super-tough iron remover could well be the answer. Instead of just lifting off contaminates, it’s designed to physically dissolve iron particles, meaning they can just be rinsed away! If you’re a child of the ’80s you’ll be loving the name too – top marks!

Price £11

For more info see Dodo Juice
best wheel cleaning products

Wheel Whores Heavy Hitting Wheel Cleaner

This bubblegum-scented delight is produced for the Wheel Whores crew by detailing product experts at Kleen Freak. Acid free and PH balanced, it’s been developed specifically for use on lacquered surfaces and uses a unique blend of natural oils and optical brighteners with the fi nest anti-corrosive properties. Strong, but kind to your beloved hoops!

Price £11

For more info see Wheel Whores