Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 12th September 2017

Aussie legends and masters of extreme boost shenanigans, Turbosmart, can’t do things by halves. 

These simply mahoosive dumpers were developed as recirculating valves (complete with mental 2-inch pistons) for use on large displacement blown Corvettes.

They’re still available in bypass configuration too, but, after one of the engineers machined up a massive trumpet for BOV use (apparently for a joke), the Big Bubba Blow Off Valve was born.

Both the BPV (recirculating) and Bubba-Sonic (BOV) versions are some of the biggest, scariest valves we’ve ever seen.

Unlike most on the market, these are vacuum (rather than boost pressure) operated, meaning softer springs, less drag and a quicker reacting valve.

If you’re looking for the biggest and baddest for your mentalist turbo, supercharged or turbo diesel application, look no further.

Price £289

For more info see Turbo Smart