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Sponsored Post: TootCar of the Month

Sponsored Post: TootCar of the Month

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 18th July 2013

There’s nothing better than finding yourself a new project car. And that’s why we’ve teamed up our friends at TootCar the online classified car site to bring you TootCar of the month.

Tootcar is designed to make buying, selling or swapping your motor much easier online, they’re leading a new revolution in car-buying sites.

What’s more, with these guys you have the chance to advertise your car for free or, for a fiver, or for just a tenner, where you can choose to open up a whole new world of awesome premium ad options.

Anyway, on to our car of the month…

TootCar of the month:
TVR Tuscan
Year: 2002
Engine: 4.0
Price: £21,850

For more info see TootCar