Starting of by following the super-clean styling movement his native Belgium is renowned for, Brendan’s Audi TT then took an Oriental twist with some cutting-edge, JDM-inspired additions that ensure you won’t forget it in a hurry…

It’s funny how certain road laws around the globe can have a have a huge effect on the styles of car modifications that are favoured in that particular area. Because it seems that no matter how strict the policies are, our incredible community will always find ways around the problem.

Back in Belgium in the early noughties, the government was so strict on people tweaking with their rides that car fans were forced to conceive their very own style to stay under the radar whilst adding personal touches to their motors. Known as the ‘cleaned’ movement, it revolved around smoothing down the standard body panels in favour of eye-catching, lairy body kits, spawning the restrained Euro look we’ve all come to know and love since.

red mk1 Audi TT modified

You’ve gotta take your hats off to these mavericks for creating what has become such a renowned worldwide style that lives on to this very day. And with the recent addition of the instant, Insta-happy social media sphere that’s taken over our lives, we’ve noticed a whole load of other styles from around the world slowly being laced in to the latest super-clean builds to keep it fresh after all these years.

Belgian Brendan Dolo’s modified Audi TT here is living proof of this evolution in process. At first glance he’s stuck to that iconic, smooth aesthetic that’s proven so popular where he grew up. But take a closer look at this curvy coupé and you’ll begin to notice styles from plenty of other corners of the world creeping into the mix.

red mk1 Audi TT modified

The heavy machinery mechanic isn’t shy of testing the limits of his country’s tight road regulations, with the majority of his car back-catalogue receiving an equally as impressive string of upgrades as his current TT here. “I had a modified Saxo, then a modified Polo, and then a 205 Rallye for racing,” Brendan reveals, his broad love of…

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