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FC #376 – Brad Hacker’s Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

FC #376 – Brad Hacker’s Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 18th November 2016

Forget Ferraris and Lamborghinis, if you want to stand out on the road with both performance and looks, accept no substitute…

Being a massive car fan, especially modified cars, has a funny effect on how you view the world. Checking out cool cars in magazines and on the internet on a daily, maybe hourly, basis, means you become a little immune to how amazing some cars can be.

Cars you might never see on the street in your life you can see every day on the internet, so it’s easy to forget how insane these things really are, and Brad Hacker’s awesome Nissan GT-R is a perfect example of this.

It’s fair to say almost all of us has seen pictures of Liberty Walk kitted GT-Rs before, and it’s not because they’re common, totally the opposite in fact, but they’re just so wild looking that if any car is going to get publicity, it’s going to be one of them. But what about your average Joe on the street?

Brad Hacker's Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

Even a supercar being driven on the streets means turned heads and photographs taken everywhere they go, so imagine what it’s like to see this bonkers looking GT-R driving through the city centre. Well let us tell you. If aliens invaded at the same time as Brad cruised by, everyone would still be pointing and taking photos of this out of this world looking car.

We might be used to pictures of Liberty Walk kitted cars, but actually seeing one on the street is a bizarre experience, and in a sea of normal hatchbacks this beast coming around the corner is a genuine ‘WTF’ experience. We all imagine things like this to be either pure show queens, or something you’d only see on the streets of Tokyo, but in fact this one’s most likely to be spotted on the mean streets of Bristol or Bath…

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