Fast Car Magazine Paddock at Japfest – sponsored by Sky Insurance

Fast Car Magazine Paddock at Japfest – sponsored by Sky Insurance

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 24th April 2017

Fast Car magazine has always been proud to support Europe’s biggest Japanese car show, so when the organisers asked us to put on a 15 car strong display to be a focal part of the event, we were only too pleased to round up some stunning metal.

You’ll find everything from new skool R35s to retro Japanese Bosozoku-styled Nissan Sunnys; it’ll be an eclectic mix of awesomeness and you’re invited to take a gander. Here are just a handful of the cars you can expect to find on the Fast Car Magazine Paddock which has been kindly sponsored by Sky Insurance

Fast Car Japfest

Rocket Bunny RX-7
This amazing car is the proud work of Jordan Lewis-Warren and was on the cover of the magazine’s 30th Birthday issue. It has plenty of go to accompany the show – 380bhp to be exact.

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Toyota Celica
If you prefer your Japanese metal to be a bit more old skool, we’ve got that covered too as Benny Rees will be displaying his stunning RA28 Celica.

Sam Moody R32 Skyline

R32 Skyline
If you like your Skylines wide, powerful and going sideways then you’re going to love Sam Moody’s Rocket Bunny-kitted monster. Find out more about this beast in the latest Fast Car magazine – it’s the one on the cover.

Fast Car Japfest

V8 Lexus IS200
This 1UZ-FE-powered Lexus was a regular on the Fast Car stand last year but it’ll be barely recognisable, as it’s had one hell of a refresh over the winter. We can’t wait to see its new outfit and we bet you can’t too.

Fast Car Japfest

Boso Sunny
Bōsōzoku is a subculture that often takes a lot of explaining. We’re talking sump-clattering ride height, surreal caricaturised bodykits, jutting sharknoses, comically extended exhausts and in-your-face retro colour schemes – a deliberately jarring aesthetic. Robin Whitfield’s Nissan Sunny is quite simply all of the above and it’ll be on the Fast Car stand.

The Fast Car Magazine Paddock is kindly sponsored by Sky Insurance 

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