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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 29th September 2017

We head to North Weald for some Players Show 2017 action…

Sometimes we take our jobs for granted. You see, while we do actually do a fair bit of hard graft here at FC Towers, there’s also the odd perk to enjoy. One of them being free entry to car shows, normally because we have a press pass (also know in the trade as a ‘f*ck you card’). With Players Show being renowned for its chilled atmosphere and the fact we’re on first-name terms with the show organisers, Carl and JayMac, we’ve never applied for a media pass at Players. We’ve asked a couple of times but it’s fallen on deaf ears. And we’re pretty sure this is because Carl and JayMac want to see us squirm at the gate while we try and blag it.

This normally works. Not this year. Oh no, a girl called Gemma wasn’t having any of it. So that was it. Midge and myself were 15 quid worse off. Players 11 is the first car show we’ve paid to get into for over a decade. But if we’re going to have to pay to get into a show, it would be Players.

Was it worth the money though? Yeah, of course it was. Players North Weald is a guaranteed winner. There’s normally a whole bunch of cars that haven’t been to any other show in our regular modified circle. The event really does cater for every type of car culture out there and this is highlighted in the winners ceremony. It doesn’t matter what type of car you bring to the show. If it’s cool, well built and stands out from the crowd, it’s in with a chance of picking up a trophy – and what a trophy it will be!

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say Players has transformed car shows in recent years. Their philosophy has pioneered what all the other scene shows now try to recreate. Players was the original and is still the best. And as is often said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

And to top the day off, Carl gave us our money back. Well, he didn’t want us to miss out on the hog roast, did he! Roll the pictures…