Old Calipers

Look at this lot, fit for the scrap pile

These are Golf GTi calipers with 240mm discs.  They were fine when I was running 160hp and was using servo assistance.  But now that I’ve removed the servo, and plan on using direct acting Wilwood pedals, the brake pedal will be rock hard and the front brakes won’t be up to the job of stopping the turbo monster.

This is where Tarox come into play. Tarox have been making brakes for over 35 years, and their fast road range comes with TUV approval.  Their multi-piston calipers distribute brake pressure more evenly over the pads, and give a more responsive pedal, perfect!

Tarox can make brakes for any application you need, be it an old Mini or a Formula 1 car.

Tarox Kit Fitted

Simple bolt on, no machining needed, any application catered for

I ordered up a 6-piston caliper kit.  The kit comes complete with discs, pads, hardware and even braided flexi lines, everything needed to fit them up. The calipers weigh very little so they improve the unsprung weight too, which is a great benefit to any racing application.

Iain Jones, Fabricator

Iain does some delicate measuring before attacking it with a lump hammer

Along with the brake kit, I installed Wilwood brake and clutch pedals on the floor pan, it was a tight squeeze, but Capt Iain of Autorenovates fame came to my rescue and beat the hell out of the bulkhead so they’d fit just right.  The brake pedal is bias adjustable, so I can pick and choose my Master Cylinder size and adjust the amount of effort  from front to rear brakes, awesome!

Wilwood Pedals

Wilwood pedals mounted comfortably on the floorpan

I connected them all up using some custom-made brake lines from HEL Performance.  HEL can make any brake hose you like, perfect for all weird and wonderful builds, like mine.

HEL Brake Lines

Custom HEL brakes lines, length, colour, and fitting, not a problem

I bled the system with Tarox Racing fluid to boot.  Now the pedal has much more feel to it, and the force required by my leg is considerably less so I’ll have more energy to press the accelerator!  Now I can’t wait to get the Caddy on the road, to do some slowing down!

Tarox Kit £1056
HEL Lines £135
Wilwood Pedals £189
Iains help £60
Total £1440

HEL Performance

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