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Matt’s Renault Clio dCi 80 – Part 10

Matt’s Renault Clio dCi 80 – Part 10

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 20th February 2013


Like Specsavers, but for cars? [and maybe motorbikes with screens, do they have screens?]

Got a smashed screen this month, from a lorry carrying massive bits of rock without strapping each and every rock down securely.  Never mind, “you haz insuranz” my imaginary friend tells me.  I quickly got in touch with Autoglass who know about this sort of thing, and a short time later I found myself at a local repair centre which was local to myself and my vicinity that I was in at that particular time, which was great because that was just where I was heading.

Jason fitting screen

Jason used suction cups to hold the glass, the very same suction cups are used by Pirates to suck the glass eyes from other Pirates!  probably when angry.

The right honourable Dr Jason Windscreen Technician MBE took care of my car by carefully enticing it into the workshop with the promise of tea, though it turned out that he only had coffee on offer, and the mug was chipped! Disgraceful.

Smashed screen

It was only a chip, but Jason insisted of smacking it with a hammer for a more dramatic image.

Jason also told me [not that I didn’t know] that the screen is a big proportion of the cars strength, so big chips and small cracks can put you at more risk in an accident.  It took Jason less than 30 minutes to replace the windscreen, though I had to wait a bit longer for the glue to go off before I was allowed to hoon it down the bypass at 50mph.

Lovely example of a Renault Clio

I love this car so much, I don’t know why people moan about it all the time, why can’t they just leave it alone?

The screen is so clear now that it feels like I’m driving in 1080P.

£80 Excess


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