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Lee’s Eunos Roadster – Part 9

Lee’s Eunos Roadster – Part 9

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 3rd September 2012

powerflex bushes

Polybushes: what do you know about them? Until a few weeks back, I thought I knew they were an expensive luxury for those who go all out on their motor – but I was wrong!

With the Eunos known for being a great little driver along our country’s finest back roads, I wanted to make sure my own ride was on top form going into the back end of summer.

Good looking up top, but underneath was slightly different...

I also knew the majority of OE bushes on the 19-year-old car were well on their way to perishing, as every time I’d go over a bump or make a sharp turn the car would creak more than I imagine old G’s back does when he gets up in the morning. Anyway, the only answer here was to invest in the best polybushes on the market, which means a call to one company: Powerflex.

Old bushes come out

...replaced with brand spanking new items!

I decided to replenish pretty much every bushing with new poly items to firm the chassis right up and help the MX handle like the B-road bandit it’s built to be.

Swapping the bushes over with Matty down our lockup was a hell of an experience, mainly because the long-locked mechanic drinks an unbelievable amount of tea in a day, and also because I couldn’t believe just how much those original bushes needed binning! If ever there is an advert to explain why keeping on top of bushes on your ride is important, it’s the photo here of the old and new bushes. Seriously, how knackered were they?!

The before and after 'money' shot

Not surprisingly, the original bushes were well at home in their respective collars, so in the end me and Matt had to burn them out before copper greasing and slotting the fit-looking Powerflex polybushes in their place. I had to get the alignment re-done afterwards as everything had been knocked out of sync underneath, but as soon as I took the car out again, I noticed a massive difference from the off.

The new front bushes at home under the car

The whole ride is much firmer now and the MX rides perfect, reducing the bounce I used to get when going over bumps and potholes. I even feel better in myself knowing that the plucky little car is in better nick all round! All I’ve got to do now is head back out to a bloody good B-road and give the car a serious tonking along it: so if anyone has some top suggestions, let me know via email or Twitter!

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Polybushes – £121.08


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