VIP Style Cars

VIP Style Infiniti G35

at 10:02am July 7 2015

A look at Anil’s stunning VIP Style Infiniti G35 on Luxury Abstract Admiror wheels (one of twelve sets in the world!), air ride and lashings of carbon fibre body add ons…

VIP Style Toyota Aristo

at 12:22pm June 30 2015

Fitted State take a look at Paddy Finnegan’s VIP Style Toyota Aristo. Mods include air ride by Peden Conceptz, a Kazama Auto Luxor bodykit and 19-inch Wed Racing Kranze LXZ wh

VIP Style Honda Accord Sedan

at 10:05am March 11 2015

Clean, bagged and rolling on VIP modular wheels, Jose’s 9th gen VIP Style Honda Accord is a beauty. Just look at it!

Dub Show LA 2015

at 09:20am March 6 2015

Go big or go home, it’s the bigger than life LA Dub Show 2015. Boom!

VIP Style Lexus LS400

at 01:30pm February 26 2015

Loving this video of Kevin’s classic VIP styled Lexus LS400. Simple, yet stunning!

US-VIP in Hawaii

at 08:57am October 24 2014

The VIP scene is Hawaii is pretty big right now, just check out these ballers.

VIP Style Infiniti Y33 Q45

at 10:10am March 10 2014

Let’s start the week with this super badass VIP Style Infiniti Y33 Q45.

VIP Toyota Aristo

at 02:04pm February 20 2014

Prepare to dribble, it’s Lam Duong’s VIP Style Toyota Aristo…

VIP Style Infiniti Q45

at 10:30am February 4 2014

Like crazy camber and of plenty tyre stretch? Well checkout Lee Cruz’s VIP Style Infiniti Q45.

VIP Lexus GS

at 10:11am October 14 2013

Let’s start the week with this fantastic video of Nic Stubbs’ VIP Lexus GS.

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