VIP Style Cars

US-VIP in Hawaii

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at 08:57am October 24 2014

The VIP scene is Hawaii is pretty big right now, just check out these ballers.

VIP Style Infiniti Y33 Q45

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at 10:10am March 10 2014

Let’s start the week with this super badass VIP Style Infiniti Y33 Q45.

VIP Toyota Aristo

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at 02:04pm February 20 2014

Prepare to dribble, it’s Lam Duong’s VIP Style Toyota Aristo…

VIP Style Infiniti Q45

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at 10:30am February 4 2014

Like crazy camber and of plenty tyre stretch? Well checkout Lee Cruz’s VIP Style Infiniti Q45.

VIP Lexus GS

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at 10:11am October 14 2013

Let’s start the week with this fantastic video of Nic Stubbs’ VIP Lexus GS.

VIP Style BMW E60 528i

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at 12:44pm August 13 2013

Say hello to Johnne Sou’s air bagged VIP Style BMW E60 528i on Leon Hardiritt ‘Waffle’ Super VIP wheels. What an amazing creation!

K-Break VIP Tuning Workshop

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at 09:18am April 3 2013

XCARFilms take a look at the K-Break VIP Tuning Workshop

VIP Style Toyota Camry

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at 11:20am March 18 2013

We don’t think we’ve ever featured a Toyota Camry before, let alone a VIP Style one (well it’s a bit VIP, not fully blown). Well, we have now…

VIP Style Lexus LS400

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at 11:00am March 8 2013

If you love VIP Style cars, you can’t get much better than a VIP Style Lexus LS400. And Elvis’ one is up there with the best of them!

VIP Style Lexus IS300

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at 10:18am February 19 2013

Take a look at Aidan Borges’ VIP Style Lexus IS300. We like!

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