Modified Honda Accord

Mimms Honda Day 2014

at 10:22am May 2 2014

Check out this great video of the Mimms Honda Day by HeavySet. Enjoy!

Honda Day Atco 2K13

at 11:51am July 29 2013

If you like your car culture with a dose of VTEC, we reckon you are going to love this Honda Day Atco 2K13 video.

South Mimms Honda Meet 2013 – Part Two

at 03:00pm April 30 2013

Last week we posted part one of South Mimms Honda Meet pictures, and now it’s time part two. Hoorah!

FreshUK South Mimms Honda Meet Video

at 10:09am April 25 2013

Another day, another awesome South Mimms Honda Meet video. Top work by FreshUK.

South Mimms Honda Meet 2013 – Part One

at 02:00pm April 24 2013

All the best cars from the South Mimms 2013 Meet

Stanced Honda Accord

at 02:04pm April 15 2013

Today we will be mostly dribbling over this stanced Honda Accord/ Acura TSX on CCW wheels. Damn!

Royal Origin Great Whites

at 10:19am November 12 2012
Royal Origin cars

Check out the great whites. Minh Nguyen’s Lexus IS250 and Keith Cheng Honda Accord.

Nimo’s stanced Honda Accord

at 09:11am May 3 2012

Say hello to Nimo’s stanced Honda Accord. We like.

Honda Fetish Meet

at 09:33am April 25 2012

Like modified Hondas? Well we guess you’ll like this Honda Fetish Meet then. Enjoy.

Stanced Honda Accord

at 11:22am April 3 2012

Keith’s super badass stanced Honda Accord with the lovely Holly Lee.

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