Modified Honda Accord

Mimms Honda Day 2014

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at 10:22am May 2 2014

Check out this great video of the Mimms Honda Day by HeavySet. Enjoy!

Honda Day Atco 2K13

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at 11:51am July 29 2013

If you like your car culture with a dose of VTEC, we reckon you are going to love this Honda Day Atco 2K13 video.

South Mimms Honda Meet 2013 – Part Two

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at 03:00pm April 30 2013

Last week we posted part one of South Mimms Honda Meet pictures, and now it’s time part two. Hoorah!

FreshUK South Mimms Honda Meet Video

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at 10:09am April 25 2013

Another day, another awesome South Mimms Honda Meet video. Top work by FreshUK.

South Mimms Honda Meet 2013 – Part One

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at 02:00pm April 24 2013

All the best cars from the South Mimms 2013 Meet

Stanced Honda Accord

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at 02:04pm April 15 2013

Today we will be mostly dribbling over this stanced Honda Accord/ Acura TSX on CCW wheels. Damn!

Royal Origin Great Whites

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at 10:19am November 12 2012
Royal Origin cars

Check out the great whites. Minh Nguyen’s Lexus IS250 and Keith Cheng Honda Accord.

Nimo’s stanced Honda Accord

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at 09:11am May 3 2012

Say hello to Nimo’s stanced Honda Accord. We like.

Honda Fetish Meet

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at 09:33am April 25 2012

Like modified Hondas? Well we guess you’ll like this Honda Fetish Meet then. Enjoy.

Stanced Honda Accord

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at 11:22am April 3 2012

Keith’s super badass stanced Honda Accord with the lovely Holly Lee.

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