Modified Audi A3

Audi Double Helping

at 09:00am May 1 2014

A short video looking at Dom´s Audi A3 and Quentin´s S3. What a pair!

Stanced Audi A3

at 02:28pm December 21 2012

A stanced Audi A3 on air ride? Oh go on then…

Slammed Skoda Fabia and Audi A3

at 01:03pm September 14 2012

A slammed Audi A3 on Bentley rims and a decked Skoda Fabia on Audi wheels. Nice

Audi A3 on air-ride

at 10:44am September 14 2012

We’re loving this cheeky Audi A3 on air-ride. What do you think?

Samco Sport Audi A3/S3 Coolant Hoses

at 03:16pm May 29 2012

Samco Sport coolant hose kit for Audi A3/S3 2.0TFSi

5 Ways To Make Your Audi S3 Better

at 02:18pm April 18 2012

It’s our Audi S3 tuning guide

Ultimate Dubs 2012 Video

at 10:03am March 16 2012
ultimate dubs 2012 video

Want to see an Ultimate Dubs video? Well you are in the right place. Enjoy!

Modified Audi S3

at 11:21am March 15 2012
audi s3 bentley wheels air ride

Matt Andrew’s Audi S3 on air ride

Stanced Audi A3

at 02:34pm February 24 2012

Jason Maglinao’s modified and stanced Audi A3

Modified Audi S3

at 12:46pm September 23 2011
Modified Audi S3 9

Kevin Bousell’s modified Audi S3 With a custom paint job, a healthy dose of extra boost and plenty of suspension know-how thrown into the mix, 26-year-old Kevin Bousell has produced a DIY built S3 that’s second to none. If you want a far superior performance version of Audi’s original without the hairdresser image of the…

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