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Red Bull Drift Shifters

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at 04:11pm December 17 2014

Top drifters from around the globe world hit Auckland, New Zealand for the smoking Red Bull Drift Shifters.

ANIMAL STYLE Sharking Lot Volume 2

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at 12:11pm November 25 2014

Drifting, randomness and fun. This ANIMAL STYLE Sharking Lot Volume 2 video has the lot! Oh and Snoop Dogg and Doritos as well…

Underground Garage Cressida Nordschleife Drift

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at 01:20pm November 7 2014

Why drive the Nordschleife when you can drift it? And that’s exactly what Fredrik Sørlie and did in his classic Cressida. What a legend!

Final Bout Drifting

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at 10:48am September 24 2014

We’ve already posted one ‘Final Bout’ video and here’s another of equally epic proportions. Enjoy!

Final Bout – Keep Drifting Fun

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at 09:00am September 16 2014

Sit back, relax and get ready for some serious drift action in this ‘Final Bout – Keep Drifting Fun’ video.

Team Japspeed at BDC Round 5

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at 02:24pm September 10 2014

Team Japspeed hit round 4 of the 2014 Maxxis British Drift Championship, at TRAX, Silverstone.

Black Mark Day Drift

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at 10:22am August 26 2014

A great video of the Black Mark Day event by JyuRoku. Enjoy!

Japspeed Nissan Rods

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at 11:36am August 13 2014

The guys have developed these SuperLock Tension rods and SuperLow rear toe rods on their own Team Japspeed drift cars…

Ride The Mountains Drift

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at 09:35am August 11 2014

Is there anything cooler than a car drifting down a mountain? Yes, two cars drifting down a mountain!

Team Japspeed at BDC Round 3

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at 04:04pm August 5 2014

Team Japspeed hit round 3 of the 2014 Maxxis British Drift Championship, at Teesside Autodrome.

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