Car Top 10s

10 Crazy Concept Cars

at 10:30am July 28 2015

Have these car designers lost their minds or are they complete geniuses? We’ll let you decide…

10 cool things made from car tyres

at 01:24pm June 30 2015

Genius or completely crazy? You won’t believe what can be done with an old car tyre!

10 Insane Car Wheels

at 01:36pm June 16 2015

A wheel that costs 2 million dollars, a Koala bear, a multi-spoke penis wheel and more. Check out these 10 mental car wheels…

10 Worst Car Names

at 01:10pm June 9 2015

The Gaylord Gladiator, Toyota Estima Lucida G Luxury Joyful Canopy, Mitsubishi Mini Active Urban Sandal and worse. It’s the world’s worst and most stupid car names…

10 Greatest Car Movies Ever Made

at 03:00pm June 2 2015

Welcome to the 10 greatest car movies ever made. Did your favourite make the cut?

10 Ugliest Cars

at 02:02pm May 26 2015

Mingers, double-baggers and all-out rotters. These ugly cars have a face that only a mother could love. Have you seen worse

10 cool things made from car parts

at 01:30pm May 19 2015

Just when you think you’ve seen it all. Would you buy any of these for your house?

10 Worst Rolls Royce Replicas

at 01:30pm May 13 2015

It’s the world’s worst Roll Royce replicas. We wouldn’t be seen dead in one of these, would you?

10 Car Audio Fails

at 12:05pm May 5 2015

Would you let any of these guys work your car? Somethings are best left to the professionals…

10 Best Car Pranks

at 12:20pm April 29 2015

Looking at getting one over your friends? Try out one of these great car pranks. They will hate you for it!

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