10 Crazy Concept Cars

at 10:30am July 28 2015

Have these car designers lost their minds or are they complete geniuses? We’ll let you decide…

Ultra Racing Honda Civic EP3 Front Strut Brace

at 08:10am July 28 2015

Ultra Racing has released details of its stylish and effective upper front strut brace for the endlessly tuneable Ep3 Honda Civic…

Night of Wheels 2015

at 06:50am July 28 2015

We’re not going to lie, we’ve never heard of Night of Wheels. However, going by this video it’s pretty damn good!

FCLegends #36 – Audi Sport quattro

at 10:25am July 27 2015

In its most famous guise, the S1, complete with massive arches and spoilers covering every inch of bodywork, weighing barely over 1000kg, and producing anything from 550 to 1000bhp. A true legend!

SPOCOM Anaheim 2015

at 08:20am July 27 2015

Team Toyo coverage of the super-awesome SPOCOM Anaheim 2015 show. A great show with some amazing car builds, just take a look!

Design Engineering Inc. Heat Shroud

at 06:56am July 27 2015
Design Engineering Inc. Heat Shroud

DEI specialists in heat and sound control, now offers a new convenient way to protect fuel lines, wires, cables and hoses from excessive direct or radiant heat.

Fast Car Magazine 359 out now!!!

at 12:46pm July 24 2015

In this month’s Fast Car magazine the cars of the retro revival that put the kool in old skool!

History of the Honda Type R

at 07:09am July 24 2015

The new Honda Civic Type R is coming this summer. To celebrate here’s the complete history of the Honda Type R…

Griffin Apple Watchstand

at 06:01am July 24 2015

As always it’s taken Griffin all of 3-seconds after the lunch of the latest Apple product to hit the accessories market with this – the WatchStand.

Ride shotgun in a BDC Drift Car at Japfest 2

at 11:05am July 23 2015

You, yes you, could ride shotgun with a BDC drifter with a drift passenger ride at Japfest 2!

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