Radikal Summer Day

at 10:30am September 29 2015

Good times and air cooled rides it’s the Radikal Summer Day. Much awesome!

BMW E30 3-Series Air Lift Performance Kit

at 08:03am September 29 2015

The BMW E30 3-series was hit back when it was launched in 1982. But this is 2015, and a classic car shouldn’t be exempt from the latest technologies – especially when it comes to getting low!

RX7 bonnet flies open during tandem drift he keeps drifting

at 12:54pm September 28 2015

Seeing where you’re going is overrated anyway as this drifter proves as he carries on tandem drifting with his bonnet open.

1200bhp Supra goes 197mph

at 10:13am September 28 2015

Real Street Performance’s daily driven 1200bhp Supra goes 197mph on street tyres.

AEM Water/Methanol Injection

at 08:03am September 28 2015

The guys at BTN Performance have some serious race-ready trinkets for blown motors, including this exclusive, all-in-one, meth-injection kit from American electronics giant AEM…

Forge Motorsport Action Day 2015

at 12:45pm September 25 2015

This was the fifth year that Gloucestershire tuners Forge have added their weight, ideas and industry friends to Castle Combe’s tried-and-tested Action Day format, and the result is Forge Motorsport Action Day…

Show & Glow 2015

at 11:30am September 25 2015

Just short video of the Show & Glow 2015 event in Kent, UK.

1000mph Bloodhound in this month’s Fast Car

at 10:00am September 25 2015

The soon to be world’s fastest car in Fast Car magazine issue 361…

Eibach Ford Focus ST250 chassis upgrades

at 08:05am September 25 2015

The new facelift Focus ST250 has barely hit the streets but already the engineering team at Eibach has stormed the market with a whole range of uprated chassis bits.

Jules’ BMW E92 335i Coupe – Part Five

at 12:05pm September 24 2015

It’s exciting times for the BMW, because as my fingers hit these keys it’s currently sitting on one of BMW specialists MStyle’s ramps. But before that I treated the BMW to some stunning 3SDM 0.04s…

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