• Top 10 Funny Car Names

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:54 am, 10th January 2017

    Top 10 Funny Car Names

    The Mini Active Urban Sandal, Gaylord Gladiator and the Mum 500 Shall We Join Us - have you ever heard of anything so crazy?

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  • Modified Renault Clio

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:36 am, 6th January 2017

    Modified Renault Clio

    Modified cars really irritate the authorities in Belgium, so this modified Renault Clio has had to think of a cunning way to hide...

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  • Monster Energy’s Doonies3

    Glenn Rowswell at 7:02 am, 6th January 2017

    Monster Energy’s Doonies3

    With some new surprises, they brought the most outrageous Monster Energy Off-Road machinery imaginable - The Doonies journeyed back to the Glamis Sand Dunes of California to wreak havoc and go bigger then ever. Welcome to DOONIES3!

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  • Modified Lexus LS600H

    Glenn Rowswell at 12:33 pm, 5th January 2017

    Modified Lexus LS600H

    CanDo Japan put the mentalist into environmentalist with this wide-arched modified Lexus LS600H hybrid...

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  • Japanese Car Sub-Cultures Guide

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:58 am, 4th January 2017

    Japanese Car Sub-Cultures Guide

    So you’ve all heard about VIP Style, Liberty Walk and RWB wide arch builds, Bosozoku gang cars and their love of drifting. But, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Japanese car culture, they have trends on trends and here are a few of the more obscure ones.

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