2000+bhp Lamborghini Gallardo

at 01:59pm January 30 2015

2,000+ bhp Underground Racing X-Version Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo does 233mph.

South West Dubs 2015 Winter Megameet

at 11:24am January 30 2015

A look back at the recent South West Dubs 2015 Winter Megameet.

Automotive Poetry

at 09:03am January 30 2015

The Romanian car scene has come a long way the last few years, just check out this video submitted to us by Madalin that features some of Romania’s sweetest rides.

Honda Track Battle

at 10:49am January 29 2015

Super Street invite some of the fastest Front Engine Front Wheel driven cars in the West USA to compete in their 6th FF Battle.

Slammed VW Passat

at 02:27pm January 28 2015

We do love a slammed estate at FC and this retro-cool Passat on Gotti wheels is right up our street!

2000bhp Lamborghini Gallardo crashes into lake

at 11:40am January 28 2015

Driver loses control of a 2000bhp Lamborghini Gallardo at the WannaGoFast event and ends up in the lake. Luckily the driver was okay. Phew!

LS1 Nitrous Powered FD Mazda RX7

at 10:10am January 27 2015

There’s no rotar to be seen here on this LS1 Nitrous Powered FD Mazda RX7.

Tuned Nissan 300ZX Z31

at 12:00pm January 26 2015

The story of Nelson Ugarte and his awesome Nissan 300ZX Z31. A fantastic film by Project Definition.

HIN Seattle

at 10:20am January 26 2015

A look at the Hot Import Night’s visit to Seattle, USA. Hit play and enjoy!

UK Lowriders – Life on Juice Part 2

at 04:02pm January 23 2015

Last week we posted UK Lowriders – Life on Juice Part One, a video that took a look at the UK Lowrider car scene. Well part two has just dropped, so hit play and check it out!

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