More Heaven on Wheels 2015

at 09:44am March 30 2015

We posted a Heaven on Wheels 2015 video last week and you lot loved it! So here’s another top offering. Hit play and enjoy!

Racer Pranks Driving Instructors

at 01:20pm March 27 2015

Now how a driving instructor didn’t think a modified Nissan S15 complete with a Go Pro on the windscreen was a tad suspicious we don’t know, all the same, it’s damn funny! So watch it.

Heaven on Wheels 2015

at 08:46am March 27 2015

A quick look back at Heaven on Wheels 2015, a great video by the guys at ILL MOTIVE.

The Passion

at 11:18am March 26 2015

Check out this great short documentary film ‘The Passion’ from Archive Media, a story about one man’s passion for cars and his car culture journey.

2000bhp+ ETS Nissan GT-R does 7.49 at 189mph

at 10:10am March 26 2015

Sit back, turn up those speakers and check out this awesome footage of the 2000bhp+ ETS Nissan GT-R doing 7.49sec quarter mile at 189mph!

Tandem Drift Girls

at 08:50am March 25 2015

Miki Yabuuchi (pink S13) and Naoki Nakamura (purple S13) proving that girls do it best with some tandem drifting at Meihan Sportsland, Japan.

1300bhp 2JZ powered Honda S2000

at 09:46am March 24 2015

Forget ‘VTEC yo!’ as this a case of ‘VTEC no!’ as this 1300bhp 2JZ powered Honda S2000 rips up the strip in just over 8 seconds at 171mph!

Bosozoku Highway Cruising

at 11:05am March 23 2015

Mental cars, crazy drivers and a bike with a penis shaped exhaust. Yep, it can only be Bosozoku!

Halfway Hangs 2015

at 09:26am March 23 2015

We’re loving thisHalfway Hangs 2015 video. Friends, fun and having a laugh, this is how drifting should be done!

GReddy R35 D1GP GT-R

at 02:03pm March 20 2015

Kawabata kisses the wall in the GReddy R35 D1GP GT-R at Ebisu Circuit. So close!

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