Selected Car Show Video

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at 10:00am April 16 2014

Another great video from the Selected Car Show.

Castrol Footkhana – Neymar Jr. vs Ken Block

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at 03:59pm April 15 2014

Brazil’s Neymar Jr swaps turf for tarmac as he goes head-to-head with Ken Block in ground-breaking Castrol experiment

Bagged Ferrari Modena 360

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at 11:00am April 15 2014

Take a look at this crazy Ferrari 360 Modena bagged on AIRREX Suspension and running Nutek 3 piece forged wheels. Woah!

SerialNine X8 Toyota Cressida

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at 09:24am April 15 2014

Well here’s something a bit different, say hello to the SerialNine X8 Toyota Cressida.

Supercharged M3 E92 Drifting

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at 09:03am April 14 2014

Check out this amazing clip of Mateusz Wlodarczyk from Poland, driving his 600+ horsepower Supercharged M3 E92 on the Slovakiaring race track. Now that’s full-on attack mode!

Boosted Acura NSX

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at 04:12pm April 11 2014

A great video by the The Los Goonies crew on Sean’s boosted Acura NSX.

Selected Car Show

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at 10:32am April 11 2014

Take a look at this video of the Selected Car Show. So much awesome!

Another Dubshed 2014 Video

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at 09:28am April 8 2014

Another top video of Dubshed 2014 from the crew at Fitted State.

Dubshed 2014 Video

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at 10:02am April 7 2014

The dust has barely settled on the Kings Hall Complex floor in Belfast and the first Dubshed 2014 video has already landed. Take a look!

Mk6 Golf GTi on Ferrari 458 wheels

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at 12:00pm April 4 2014

Prepared to be amazed. It’s Steven Soprano’s 370bhp Mk6 Golf GTi on Ferrari 458 wheels and air ride.

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