Eibach EZ Shims

at 08:05am April 1 2015

Having trouble dialling in your stance? Chances are you’ll be wanting some of these EZ Shims from Eibach then…

Dampfhammer Fleischwolf

at 10:01am March 31 2015

Dampfhammer build some of the maddest and most desirable multi-piece hoops anywhere, ever. And the Fleischwolf is no different…

Forge Mitsubishi Evo 6 Coolant Hose Kit

at 08:36am March 30 2015

The latest release from the silicone labs at Forge Motorsport is a response to a huge demand for competition-quality upgrades for the frequently tuned Mitsubishi Evo 6…

3SDM 0.04

at 11:23am March 27 2015

Every time 3SDM launch a new wheel the scene goes wild, and rightly so. The big news though is that their new offering, the stunning and long awaited 0.04, is another directional mono block…

Shining Monkey Wash & Wash

at 08:51am March 26 2015

Here’s a cracking new wash and wax product from Ken Block’s very own detailing brand, Shining Monkey…

3M Wrapping Vinyl

at 10:01am March 25 2015

There’s 18 new eye-popping options, in a fine selection of satin and glosses, ranging from the anything-but-subtle ‘Satin Bitter Yellow’ and ‘Gloss Fierce Fuchsia’…

Samco Sport Mk2 VW Golf GTi Breather

at 08:25am March 24 2015
Samco Sport Mk2 VW Golf GTi Breather

There’s nothing like an old skool VW to get our retro-loving hearts fluttering and the Mk2 Golf GTi 16V is one of those modding classics that does the business every time…

GB30 Noco Genius Boost

at 08:53am March 23 2015

The GB30 Boost may be small in stature, but it happens to be a full-on 400 amp jump pack with enough juice to start a 6-litre V8. And that’s without even having a battery in place!

PB Brakes Electronic Line Locks

at 08:25am March 20 2015

The future is most definitely here with this cunning electronic line lock innovation from the boys at PB Brakes…

BAER-6 Pot Grizzly Brake Calipers

at 09:57am March 19 2015

The BAER GR6 is the largest monoblock caliper offered by BAER and, unbelievably, machined from a solid block of aluminium…

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