FCLegends #30 – Honda VTEC

at 12:30pm March 30 2015

First appearing in 1983 on a Honda motorbike, it hit the car world in 1989 when the Integra’s B16A1 shocked the world, producing 160bhp from only a 1.6ltr engine…

Rally passenger rides at Japfest 2015

at 07:48am March 27 2015

Want to know what it feels like to be a rally car co-driver? Well, now you can with a rally car passenger ride at Japfest.

New Mini World Live 2015 show announced

at 07:39am March 26 2015
mini world live 2015

Mini World Live is a brand new event for 2015 bringing together the best examples of classic and modern Minis from around the UK and Europe…

Ultimate Famous Movie TV Cars List

at 12:17pm March 25 2015

Looking for the best movie and TV cars? Well check out this interactive list of the most famous cars of all time!

TRAX 2015 details announced

at 03:12pm March 24 2015
trax 2015

TRAX – the Ultimate Performance Car Event is back at Silverstone Circuit on Sunday 19th July 2015.

10 Funny Car Inspired Fancy Dress Costumes

at 02:15pm March 24 2015

Crazy, funny or just damn stupid? These car inspired fancy dress costumes will you deffinitely make you smile!

New Retro Cars Live 2015 show announced

at 01:42pm March 20 2015
retro cars live

Retro Cars Live is a brand new event for 2015 celebrating the UK’s most iconic classic modified cars at Rockingham Motor Speedway on Sunday 9th August.

FCLegends #29 – Jean Ragnotti

at 12:32pm March 18 2015

Jean Ragnotti could handle a lairy rear-wheel drive powerslide as well as any ’80s rally driver, but it was when he switched to a naturally aspirated, fwd drive Clio in the early ’90s that his true genius began to shine through…

Classic Ford Show 2015 details announced

at 09:05am March 18 2015

Classic Ford Show, the UK’s premier classic Ford event is back at Santa Pod Raceway on Sunday 31st May 2015.

10 Worst Car Parking Fails

at 01:15pm March 17 2015

Think you are having a bad day? Wait until you see what happened to these guys!

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