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    at 10:07am October 2 2015

    We put Auto Finesse’s Glisten Spray Wax to the test…

    Silverline Compact Pressure Washer Review

    at 08:19am September 23 2015

    Anything that makes life a shed load easier is okay by us and, when it comes to car-cleaning, there’s a lot to be said for getting yourself a decent pressure washer.

    Sealey Vehicle Lift

    at 07:15am September 18 2015

    How cool is this vehicle lift from Sealey? Super frickin cool is the answer…

    JL Audio MBT-RX Bluetooth Receiver Review

    at 08:50am July 17 2015

    Not got a headunit that will stream from a mobile device? Well JL Audio’s MBT-RX Bluetooth Receiver is what you need…

    Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam

    at 10:19am February 11 2014

    The super-powerful Avalanche foam from detailing daddies Auto Finesse has landed…

    Kenwood KDC-BT73DAB

    at 09:47am January 20 2014

    If you’re looking for the complete package from a single-DIN unit, where do you go? Well, Kenwood’s new KDC-BT73DAB is the perfect solution, proving that bigger isn’t always better!

    Richbrook Device Cases

    at 08:50am December 3 2013

    Just check out these cool, and officially licensed, cases from the bods at Richbrook.

    Automotive Brands Diesel Turbo Cleaner

    at 11:28am December 2 2013

    With TDi tuning becoming massively popular, this has got to be one of the best performance products of the moment.

    Pro-R Scooby Lightweight Arms

    at 09:27am November 19 2013
    Pro R Subaru Lightweight Control Arms

    You’re not truly hardcore until you have a load of shiny stuff that no one except you and your MOT man are ever gonna see!

    Deatschwerks Injectors

    at 09:00am November 5 2013

    Offering a massive range of drop-in units they have mild, to absolutely ballistic solutions for everything from European cruisers and American muscle to, their particular speciality – highly modifed Japanese street screamers.

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