Dodge Challenger SRT on Vossen CVT Directional Wheels

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at 10:00am December 27 2013

Check out this amazing video of a Dodge Challenger SRT on Vossen CVT Directional Wheels. So much want it hurts!

Toyota GT86 Drift Battle

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at 12:20pm December 18 2012

The Max Orido Racing GT86 takes on the HKS Racing Performer GT86.

HKS GT Supercharged Honda S2000

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at 09:48am December 4 2013

Japanese pro racing driver Nobuteru Taniguchi drives the HKS GT Supercharged S2000 through the Gunsai Touge. Wow!

Auto Finesse Avalanche Snow Foam

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at 10:19am February 11 2014

The super-powerful Avalanche foam from detailing daddies Auto Finesse has landed…

Stanced Nissan 200SX S14

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at 09:08am April 16 2012

Super badass stanced Nissan 200SX S14 owns the streets. Hell yes!

Modified Citroen C4

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at 10:54pm August 18 2011
Modified Citroen C4 1

Title: Modified Citroen C4 Year: 2006 Styling: colour coded handles and bump strips, vts spoiler, leon splitter, debadged, carbon wrapped pillars, chrome fog surrounds and wind deflectors.Chassis: lowered on kw variant 1 coilovers around 80mm front 60mm back, 20mm spacers, 18 inch ultralight kei racing wheels with falken tyres.Tuning: standard engine nice and quiet (for…

Drift Matsuri Autumn 2012

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at 04:30pm January 11 2013

A five minute look at the two day Autumn Drift Masuri drifting event at Ebisu Circuit.

10 Best Getaway Movies

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at 02:38pm May 11 2012

It’s Fast Car’s 10 Best Getway Movies. Did your favourite make it?

Twin V8 engined MX5

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at 08:34am February 13 2012
twin engine mazda mx5 miata

No there isn’t anything wrong your eyes, and yes that really is a twin V8 engined Mazda Miata/MX5.

Time Attack Honda S2000

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at 12:26pm July 26 2012

Top Fuel Honda S2000 time attack car hits Suzuka Circuit, Japan. Sounds sooooo good!

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