Nostalgic 2 Show

at 11:45am March 14 2013

If you like retro Japanese cars, the Nostalgic 2 Show in Yokohama Japan will definitely float your old school Japanese boat. Check it out!

Griffin Survivor iPhone 4 case

at 11:51am February 7 2012

Billed as the most hardcore phone case on the planet, the Griffin Survivor has got enough resistance to shock, dirt, sand and rain to be approved for use by both the US and UK Armed Forces.

Muddy Drag Race

at 10:45am August 29 2012

Why is a monster truck type thing racing a buggy type thing in the mud? Who cares, it’s awesome!

Carley Watts

at 10:12pm February 15 2008

Your age, stats, and location please.age 18, norfolk Do you drive – and if so, what?nope When was the last time you pleasured yourself?yesterday night Has another honey ever touched your love flesh? If so, details.maybe….on a drunken night out Why should Fastcar readers vote for you?because i have so much more to offer them,…

JDM Chicago 2012 Video

at 05:06pm May 9 2012

An awesome video on a rather wet JDM Chicago meet. And we think our weather sucks!

Modified Mk4 Toyota Supra

at 04:26pm January 20 2011
Modified Mk4 Toyota Supra 09

Make: ToyotaModel: Supra Natalie Hindom’s modified Mk4 Toyota Supra “No way is that your car!” is the usual reaction young Natalie gets when she takes her Chargespeed-kitted Supra out for a tear up. “Everyone assumes it’s my boyfriend’s car ’cos it’s not the kind of thing girls really have,” explains Natalie, climbing into the leather…

Modified Seat Arosa S

at 04:07pm May 18 2011

Title: Modified Seat Arosa S Year: 2004 Styling: BBS RM 15×7 Fully polished baskets and dishes inside and out. Fully polished manifold heat shield and power steering fluid bracket, gearbox and engine block detailed and painted in OEM silver.Chassis: Custom smoothed lupo rear lights, Rolled rear arches,.AP fully adjustable coilovers, Custom Dirty Stancing rear springs,…

tuningXperience Essen Motor Show 2013

at 12:14pm December 4 2013

From mild to wild, the tuningXperience hall at the Essen Motor Show 2013 had the lot. Check it out!

1JZ Toyota Cressida

at 09:45am January 9 2014

The popularity of tuned and modified sedans is bigger than ever, just take a look at Sean Chiccino’s 1JZ Toyota Cressida. Badass!

Slammed VW Passat

at 05:02pm October 30 2012

We don’t know much about this decked VW Passat, but we do know we love it! Wow!

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