Eliza Jayne

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at 10:31pm November 29 2010
13photographyuk 2191464 Thm

Age: 22Boobsize: 32DDLocation: Leamington SpaDo you drive – and if so, what?no What do you love?partying, life, and my photo being taken What do you hate?spiders Why should Fastcar readers vote for you?Im sexy, flirty and clever all in one Personal Comments:Pleaseee vote for me!! x

Cars I See – 1984 Porsche 930

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at 03:03pm October 26 2012

One man, his tale, and his Porsche 930. Cool story bro…

VIP Style Lexus GS350

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at 09:31am December 4 2012

Take a look at this amazing air bagged VIP Style Lexus GS350 on D2FORGED wheels. Awesomesauceness!

HKS GT Supercharged Honda S2000

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at 09:48am December 4 2013

Japanese pro racing driver Nobuteru Taniguchi drives the HKS GT Supercharged S2000 through the Gunsai Touge. Wow!

Mitsubishi Evo 9 on TE37′s video

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at 12:27pm June 19 2012

Mitsubishi Evo 9 on 18×10.5-inch Volks TE37SL’s

Drift Matsuri Autumn 2012

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at 04:30pm January 11 2013

A five minute look at the two day Autumn Drift Masuri drifting event at Ebisu Circuit.

Japfest 2014 – Part Three

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at 02:08pm May 27 2014

Welcome to the final part of our Japfest 2014 pictures. Luckily for you lot we’ve save the best till last. So scroll down, click through and enjoy!

10 Best Getaway Movies

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at 02:38pm May 11 2012

It’s Fast Car’s 10 Best Getway Movies. Did your favourite make it?

Hannah Smith

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at 10:45pm November 29 2010
Hannah Smith 1

Age: 19Boobsize: 32CLocation: Market HarboroughDo you drive – and if so, what?no What do you love?Her pics being taken What do you hate?creepy crawlies Why should Fastcar readers vote for you?Hannahs gorgeous, sassy and such a laugh to spend time with Personal Comments:Get your Votes in to make hannahs day x

WOTW: Wire Tucked Impreza WRX

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at 04:00pm July 12 2013

It’s time to smarten up your desktop, that’s right it’s time for our Wallpaper of the Week. And this week we have Alex Witkin’s engine tucked 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX.

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