SR20 powered Honda S2000

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at 04:02pm November 20 2012

Mark Stewart’s tuned SR20 powered Honda S2000

Premium Low Show 2014

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at 02:20pm October 6 2014

Like your cars on the low side? Well Premium Low 2014 is the show for those living the low life. Enjoy!

TRAX 2012 – Part Two

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at 04:12pm September 6 2012

Are you lot ready for some more TRAX 2012 pictures? Let’s hope so, as we have another awesome selection from the Silverstone show.

Edge Automotive Mazda RX-7

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at 10:11am January 21 2014

A cheeky look at the awesome Edge Automotive Mazda RX-7. Enjoy!

Modified Peugeot 206 2011-02-15

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at 11:31am February 15 2011
Modified Peugeot 206 11

Make: PeugeotModel: 206 Dale Buckley’s modified Peugeot 206 Getting fined and adding points on your licence is way too easy these days. With speed cameras on most major roads, convictions for pretty much blowing your nose, and traffic police getting more ruthless than ever, times are hard. And for one person, the harsh reality is…

Kids Heart – YZ Circuit

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at 03:57pm April 2 2012

Check out this awesome video by Luke Huxham and Maiham Media on a rain drenched days drifting at the YZ Circuit. Love it!

Dubshed & Castlewellan 2012

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at 04:02pm September 3 2012

Two shows, one great video. Great work by our good friends at I Love Bass.

Relentless Pro4 1.8T Manifold

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at 10:04am September 17 2014

With its large internal diameter, ported inlets and over-sized turbo flange, it should easily be one of the best flowing on the market…

Mayday Garage RX7

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at 01:00pm June 6 2014

Prepare to dribble. It’s the Mayday Garage RX7.

Bagged Chevy Corvair

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at 11:25am June 5 2014

Take a look at this air bagged and chopped 1965 Chevy Corvair. Pretty epic eh?

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