The Stig goes big

at 11:34am January 29 2015
big massive the stig top gear statue

Some say… he’s grown a bit…

Honda Track Battle

at 10:49am January 29 2015

Super Street invite some of the fastest Front Engine Front Wheel driven cars in the West USA to compete in their 6th FF Battle.

Forge Motorsport BMW 135i Dump Valve

at 09:14am January 29 2015

Forge Motorsport has released details of its latest dump valve (or blow-off valve) for all BMW 135 Turbo models that have the electronically controlled bypass valves fitted…

Slammed VW Passat

at 02:27pm January 28 2015

We do love a slammed estate at FC and this retro-cool Passat on Gotti wheels is right up our street!

2000bhp Lamborghini Gallardo crashes into lake

at 11:40am January 28 2015

Driver loses control of a 2000bhp Lamborghini Gallardo at the WannaGoFast event and ends up in the lake. Luckily the driver was okay. Phew!

Euro Rally 2015

at 11:15am January 28 2015

Want to drive around Europe with a host of cool cars and owners on the trip of a lifetime? Of course you do!

Valet Pro Beading Marvellous

at 11:01am January 28 2015
Valet Pro Beading Marvellous

This new wax from ValetPRO is designed to enhance the gloss of your paintwork for up to three months while being extremely easy to use…

10 Craziest Car Dashboards From The ’80s

at 01:29pm January 27 2015

Bright colours, buttons everywhere and a lot of digital goodness. We look at the good, the bad and the crazy car dashboards from the 1980s…

LS1 Nitrous Powered FD Mazda RX7

at 10:10am January 27 2015

There’s no rotar to be seen here on this LS1 Nitrous Powered FD Mazda RX7.

Milltek BMW M235i Exhaust System

at 08:55am January 27 2015

Milltek Sport has released details of its hand-finished stainless steel exhaust system for the BMW M235i (F22) coupe…

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