Racer Pranks Driving Instructors

at 01:20pm March 27 2015

Now how a driving instructor didn’t think a modified Nissan S15 complete with a Go Pro on the windscreen was a tad suspicious we don’t know, all the same, it’s damn funny! So watch it.

3SDM 0.04

at 11:23am March 27 2015

Every time 3SDM launch a new wheel the scene goes wild, and rightly so. The big news though is that their new offering, the stunning and long awaited 0.04, is another directional mono block…

Heaven on Wheels 2015

at 08:46am March 27 2015

A quick look back at Heaven on Wheels 2015, a great video by the guys at ILL MOTIVE.

Rally passenger rides at Japfest 2015

at 07:48am March 27 2015

Want to know what it feels like to be a rally car co-driver? Well, now you can with a rally car passenger ride at Japfest.

Jules’ BMW E92 335i Coupe – Part Two

at 03:28pm March 26 2015

Jules treats his new BMW E92 335i Coupe to some gorgeous new Yokohama Advan Sport V105s….

The Passion

at 11:18am March 26 2015

Check out this great short documentary film ‘The Passion’ from Archive Media, a story about one man’s passion for cars and his car culture journey.

2000bhp+ ETS Nissan GT-R does 7.49 at 189mph

at 10:10am March 26 2015

Sit back, turn up those speakers and check out this awesome footage of the 2000bhp+ ETS Nissan GT-R doing 7.49sec quarter mile at 189mph!

Shining Monkey Wash & Wash

at 08:51am March 26 2015

Here’s a cracking new wash and wax product from Ken Block’s very own detailing brand, Shining Monkey…

New Mini World Live 2015 show announced

at 07:39am March 26 2015
mini world live 2015

Mini World Live is a brand new event for 2015 bringing together the best examples of classic and modern Minis from around the UK and Europe…

Ultimate Famous Movie TV Cars List

at 12:17pm March 25 2015

Looking for the best movie and TV cars? Well check out this interactive list of the most famous cars of all time!

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