Stanced VW Scirocco

VW Scirocco ABT Bodykit

James Hellewell’s ABT kitted VW Scirocco

We all have a dream car we’d like to build; the money-no-object project that turns heads everywhere, and has other petrolheads looking at their bank balance and crying unreservedly into their shabby second-hand dashboards. It’s something we all aspire to do – except for James Hellewell, who’s already living this mental modified dream.

VW Scirocco ABT Bodykit

It’ll probably be quite hard for you to read this feature and not get a tad jealous at James’ bottomless dollar pot, but hang in there, because to be fair he’s got as much balls as he has money, going down a whole different route to build his dream car and, even better, has done it for no other mother funker but himself.

VW Scirocco ABT Bodykit

James got his candy white ’Rocco courtesy of Santa Claus after a brief, aborted flirt with an ABT-kitted Mk.5 Golf, which James said he found too under whelming. “It just had no ‘different’ factor, so I took it back and swapped it for the Scirocco,” says the Leeds man, casually.


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