Stanced Mk6 Ford Fiesta

mk6 Ford Fiesta

Tom MacRae’s Mk6 Ford Fiesta

After he booked his Peugeot 206 in for a full makeover, Tom MacRae went on the hunt for a new daily. To keep the Pug fresh and the miles low he picked up an ex-demo Mk.6 Fiesta. Fully loaded with all the optional extras, Tom bagged himself a bargain, but something was missing.

mk6 Ford Fiesta

By his own admission the Fiesta wasn’t really what he wanted. “I needed a cheap daily and the Fiesta ticked all the right boxes,” he explains. Plans to keep the car standard went out of the window just as quick as they went in.

mk6 Ford Fiesta

Before the car was even back on his drive Tom had already ordered a set of Cossie wheels. Combining the new rims with a set of lowering springs and shocks saw the Fiesta sitting much better, but it still wasn’t enough for our Tom.


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