VW Bolf Estate on air ride

VW Bolf Estate Car

Mark Allen’s VW Bolf Estate on air ride

The world hasn’t half changed, don’t you reckon? Until a couple of years ago, if you popped up to a car show with your daily diesel estate, you’d get laughed at by petrolheads the world over, asked if you were some sort of farmer, and told to take your shameful black cloud of smoke somewhere else. Times are changing though, and a combination of fuel prices and better engines mean rocking an oil burner isn’t like it used to be.

Just take this fine PD130-powered wagon and its owner as an example. Mark Allen, otherwise known as ‘Pod’, went from a juicy Mk.3 VR6 Golf to this diesel daily just under three years ago. Since then, he’s spent his time picking up the plaudits while saving the pounds at the pump.

VW Bolf Estate Car

“At one stage I was putting £20-a-day into my VR for petrol, which I just couldn’t do,” explains the hardcore VW nut and online mod at Bournemouth Dub-club TidyVAG. “I was also doing scrap runs so the boot space on an estate just made perfect sense, and it’s epic now for shows like Bug Jam with the amount of room inside,” he adds.