Stanced Mk2 Fiat Punto

Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

Dan Hawke’s stanced Mk2 Fiat Punto on air ride

We all have to start somewhere, and more often than not, we don’t get things right first time. Whether it’s your first fiddle with a bra strap, passing your driving test, or in this case, your first crack at modding a car, it all takes time to perfect. But, as long as you learn from it, you can come back stronger and better.

Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

That’s exactly what Dan Hawke has done. “I always wanted to modify a car,” says the 25-year-old joiner, “and I must admit, I made it a bit chavy to start with,” he laughs.

Mk2 Fiat Punto stanced air ride

The cheap multi-spoke rims and other bits did his Punto no favours at all. Fortunately, he didn’t leave it like that for long. “I joined the Punto Mk2 forum and got loads of inspiration from other members,”comments Dan. After some careful research, he began the little Italian’s makeover.


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