H22 Powered Honda Civic EG

H22 Honda Civic EG tuned

Nathan Devlin’s tuned Honda Civic EG

The hunt for more power can be a seriously addictive pastime. Whether you’re the Formula 1 World Champion, a famous German dictator, or just an all-out petrolhead from remotest Norfolk, you’ll know that once you start on the road to power, you just can’t bloody well stop.

H22 Honda Civic EG tuned

In Nathan Devlin’s case, he’s had a serious power craving from day dot – and there’s no better evidence of his addiction right now, than his bonkers, 347bhp tuned Honda Civic EG.

H22 Honda Civic EG tuned

Born and bred in South Africa, Nathan bagged the car in standard form here in Blighty in 2006 and has since made it his mission to build a naturally aspirated monster that can be used and abused on a daily basis. “I wanted to build a flagship car for my I-Tuned company,” says the intercontinental car nut of his brainchild Civic, “and it had to get driven properly and not just sit around,” he adds.


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