SR20 powered Honda S2000

tuned Honda S2000

Mark Stewart’s tuned Honda S2000

They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat and Mark Stewart is only too happy to demonstrate. Not by using the family pet you’ll be glad to know, but an altogether different animal – this silky smooth tuned Honda S2000.

tuned Honda S2000

“I really wanted to do something that hasn’t been done to an S2000 before, he tells us. I was determined to make it unique.” With just a quick glance at the awesome end result, you can see he’s nailed it. But there are more surprises under the skin of this Jap beast.

tuned Honda S2000

Mark got his paws on the stock, two-owner car at an auction and it seemed a bit of bargain. But, it was all too good to be true, as the engine let go in a big way barely two miles from the auction! Instead of a lengthy legal battle to get a refund, Mark took the car and stuck it in a corner while he figured out what to do next. “My mate suggested a Nissan SR20 engine conversion, which I laughed off at first,” he grins. “But I like a challenge – plus it was cheaper, very tunable and no-one else in the UK had done it before. So we decided to give it a go!”


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