7 things to prepare your car for winter

car winter prep guide

It’s the toughest time of the year for your car’s bodywork with the roads full of mud, rain, salt and other grubby shite. The thing to do is get your car ultra clean and then treat the paintwork to a good quality synthetic sealant wax.

Synthetic sealants are more durable than natural waxes because of the man-made structures, a bit like nylon is more durable than wool. This is a good thing because a couple of coats of sealant should see your paintwork protected for the winter months.

Once you’ve given your paintwork this treatment, avoid contact washes (wiping the car down with a wash-mitt/sponge) because every time you do this, it is effectively rubbing dirt into your paint, scratching the surface. Use a jet wash or hose to wash away grime, most of it should lift off because of the smooth layer of sealant beneath.



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