South Mimms Honda Meet 2011-04-12

South Mimms Honda Meet 91

South Mimms turns Honda central

Every year the UK Honda scene gets bigger and better, and nothing epitomizes this more than the Official South Mimms Honda Meet.

Organised in conjunction with Civiclife, Endless Horizon Motorsport and Honda Culture, this meet was a truly epic event, and if you missed it, you missed out.

Although the official start time was 3pm, South Mimms was swarming with the sound on VTECs from midday, as the UK’s finest Honda’s did their best to grab a spot.

Convoys from all over the UK made the journey, and there was even representation from our European buddies, with clubs from as far as Belgium and Holland making the trip over. Proving what a big deal this meet is.

As scenes go, the Honda one is bang on the money right now. The cars, the forums and of course the people make it a special place to be right now. South Mimms Honda Meet we salute you, as this is car culture at its very best.

Full report in Fast Car Magazine Issue 305 on sale 01/06/2011


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