Modified Opel Astra

Modified Opel Vauxhall Astra 03

Make: Opel
Model: Astra

Thean Bjorn’s modified Opel Astra

Everyone’s partial to the odd lie every now and then, like blaming your mate for eating the last piece of the Colonel’s Bargain Bucket. But when it comes to cars and their statistics, we’ve all heard the stories down the pub of Kev getting 600bhp from his diesel Kia Sedona. But then there are people like Belgian Army Trooper and Astra owner Thaens Bjorn, who defi nitely have nothing to lie about.

Thaens was keen to get his 3-door Opel Astra CDti hatch looking perfect. To give the car a sleek side profile, he smoothed over the locks and bump strips, added some skirts and tinted the windows. The gleaming white Astra was now ready for its party piece.

To really give his car the wow factor, Thaens had to make sure it had a decent drop and some special rims. The dished RH ZW 18-inch rims finished in satin black look perfect wrapped in the stretched Toyo tyres. Getting the stance right was just as important, especially with 10-inch wide rear. Teahns did this by tucking the tyres right under the arches due to the RASS air ride kit.

Inside things are pretty much stock, but even without engine and interior mods, this car’s still one hot ride.


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