Modified Vauxhall Corsa VXR

Modified Vauxhall Corsa Vxr 07

Make: Vauxhall
Model: Corsa

Wayne Ingamells' modified Vauxhall Corsa VXR

Having an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder must be a right pain in the arse. Imagine having to go back and check you’ve flushed the toilet over and over again… even though you know you have. Or being so afraid of choking on food that you can only eat mashed potato. Don’t worry though; our man Wayne’s not a freaky toilet flusher. And he’s not in an open relationship with mash and gravy. No, reader – he’s got car issues.

We all love cars. If you didn’t, then you wouldn’t be here, right? Wayne’s car history is pretty hectic though. “The first Punto got slammed over a set of 15-inch Compomotive wheels and then smashed. The second Punto got crashed pretty quick too!” says Wayne, making me wonder if he’s some sort of automotive serial killer! Then the obligatory modified Saxo and a string of Vauxhalls, plus a mental Nissan Pulsar GTi-R with 337bhp! So what happened to the Jap weapon? “It got smashed!”

Holy moly! How’s Wayne managed to keep thi VXR for well over two years – does he wrap it in cotton wool? “The GTi-R got murdered by an old woman in a 4×4,” he says. Maybe this guy isn’t a car killer after all. The granny’s insurance paid out £1200 for the damage and the poorly Pulsar was sold to a mate. This cash pile, teamed up with the monies raised from the sale of a Corsa C Wayne also had, was put towards this VXR.

That was in March ’08 and since then the car’s seen some proper changes. First, a trip to 888 for wheels and a re map. This software has since been replaced by the excellent IPF System which allows Wayne to upload different engine ‘maps’ to suit his driving needs. “You can choose from smooth to aggressive power delivery – the overboost function on the aggressive map is the nuts!” Wayne’s well happy with the IPF and the 252.5bhp it helps the tuning parts kick out!

A lot of the mods were DIY. The dBilas front mount sits aggressively out of the bumper thanks to some home-brewed modding and the mega low stance comes from Spax coilovers with sweet 7.5×18-inch Team Dynamics 888s.

Like with any project car, Wayne’s VXR is still not finished: “Next up I want to break the 300bhp figure. With a turbo change and another software upgrade using the IPF, this should be achievable.”

The car fruit loop is quick to point out that he has Bill Blackmore to thank for the bodywork, with its carbon fibre Focus RS bonnet vents and a sea of subtle touches. And his mate Dodge got the stunning Porsche stoppers installed the morning of this shoot! “We were up till half three getting the new brakes fitted!” What was I saying about OCD? Something tells me this car is gonna get better and better…


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